Remote support for the next phase of the Internet.

Securing connectivity for all, utilizing Web 3.0 technologies.

The web is still world wide.

Committed to the vision of a more secure and distributed world, Coinsquad is a Managed Cryptocurrency Service Provider that is developing a revolutionary secure Remote Management Software based on the immutability of blockchain, for servicing the Crypto and existing IT industry.

Our fully decentralized environment, based on blockchain, is a revolutionary breakthrough in remote access and desktop support for any industry. Through the use of recorded sessions, this allows either party to review the full sequence of events every time a remote user logs in.

Simultaneously we protect our clients' private information while pioneering new abilities to increase business accountability to provide the peace of mind of immutable trust.

We make tech support agents accountable and provide full transparency into all of their activities.

There is an emerging issue with Small to Medium Businesses and corporations working with Managed Service Providers in that customers often must entrust access to technical support representatives. This data can potentially be tampered with or stolen, but customers have no way of tracking it unless they can access their MSP's infrastructure, which they typically cannot do. We have created the ability to record all tech support sessions and grant access to the user upon request. Those in the Cryptocurrency space are especially sensitive to this due to the monetary value of the lost data. For this reason, because of paranoia and the complexity with little security, there is no crypto tech support currently besides Coinsquad.

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We aim to change the Crypto space
and then secure the world.