Want to Invest in Cryptocurrency but Don’t Know Where to Start?

Let Coinsquad Help Set Up Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Account and Wallet – And Teach You How to Use Them!

Investing in a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin can be a high ROI venture. But for the everyday investor, knowing the basics – like what to do first (and then, what to do after that…) – can be really confusing. 

That’s why Coinsquad is now offering the Intro-to-Crypto Starter Package. This package is designed to get you set up with everything you need to begin investing in cryptocurrency, whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink or Polkadot. You pick the exchange and the currency—we help set up your accounts.

$225 Intro-to-Crypto Starter Package Includes:

    • Cryptocurrency Exchange Account Set Up
    • Hot or Cold Wallet Set Up
    • One-on-One Personalized Training – How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency
Phones with Cryptocurrency accounts open

Experience-Backed Guidance and Privacy - Guaranteed!

Ultra Secure

Our ultra-secure help desk utilizes end-to-end encryption and the same enterprise-level security used by banks and other financial institutions. This ensures the information you share with us is transmitted safely – GUARANTEED.

US-Based Expertise

Our team of cryptocurrency experts are all located right here in the United States. We never outsource our services – or your information – to other countries.

Customized Assistance

We’re authorities on cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the emergent financial vehicles within these structures. From basic account set-up to navigating decentralized finance, we can help you on your journey through the complicated world of cryptocurrency.

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Get Started Investing in Cryptocurrency with Coinsquad’s Intro-to-Crypto Starter Package

Coinsquad’s Intro-to-Crypto Starter Package is Designed to Get You Investing in Cryptocurrency Today

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